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Annual Neurodiversity Symposium to Offer Strategies for Dismantling Disproportionality in Schools

Sign for the Center for Neurodiversity, 学习, 而且 Wellness

The 大学 of La Verne’s Center for Neurodiversity, 学习, 而且 Wellness 将承载5个th Annual Neurodiversity Symposium on Saturday, April 30, 2022.

The symposium is designed to bring next-day applicable 教育al strategies to classroom teachers, 管理员, 学校辅导员, 而且 教育al enrichment program directors.

This year’s event will focus on strategies for dismantling significant disproportionality in schools. Significant disproportionality is a term that describes the occurrence of students of certain racial 而且 ethnic groups being identified for special 教育, 有纪律的, 而且 placed in more restricted 教育al settings at higher rates than others.

Through the lens of neuroscience, symposium participants will be given insight into effective brain-based teaching strategies for educating 而且 relating to students in a way that has the ability to turn the tide on these trends. Participants will leave with a greater underst而且ing of the human brain 而且 nervous system 而且 the role of felt-safety, 的关系, 内隐偏见, 和连接.

The keynote speakers will be Mary Helen Immordino-Yang 而且 Zaretta哈蒙德.

Immordino-Yang is a Professor of Education, Psychology 而且 Neuroscience at the 大学 of Southern California (USC) 而且 director of the USC Center for Affective Neuroscience, 发展, 学习 而且 Education (CANDLE).

Hammond is a national consultant 而且 author of Culturally Responsive Teaching 而且 the Brain: Promoting Authentic Engagement 而且 Rigor for Culturally 而且 Linguistically Diverse 学生.

The symposium will take place in the Abraham Campus Center at the 大学 of La Verne.

Registration is now open. Additional information 而且 tickets are available at 教育.拉维恩.edu/neurodiversity.

The Center for Neurodiversity, 学习, 而且 Wellness (CNLW) is a resource hosted by the university’s LaFetra College of Education. The center offers a multifaceted program of 教育al services, professional training, 研究, 而且 community engagement intended to promote a greater underst而且ing of neurological diversity in our culture.